Real3d Scanner V3

Real3d Scanner V3 allows you to make your own 3D scanner with a single camera and a video projector.

3D SL Scanning

Using Real3d Scanner V3, you can perform structured-light-based 3D scanning on any object. You just need a camera (a webcam or any other type) and a projector.

Hardware Requirements:
  • One projector to project patterns onto the scanned object.
  • One camera to capture the projected patterns. (Any camera that supports DirectShow driver, most of camera supports DirectShow, if not then ask the camera manufacturer team to enable DirectShow support. There might be a batch (*.bat or *.cmd) file with the driver package to enable the DirectShow support.
  • Tested Camera:

  • Logitech Camera
  • Basler Camera
  • Thorlabs Camera
  • The Imaging Source Camera
  • HIK Vision Camera
  • Tested Projectors:

  • LG LED Projector
  • Acer LED Projector
  • SK Telocom Smart Beam Pico Projector
  • Tutorial videos:


    Latest version 3.0.1227 released on 2020.12.27.
    Previous version 3.0.304 released on 2020.02.15.
    Previous version 3.0.303 released on 2019.01.01.
    Previous version 3.0.302 released on 2018.12.05.
    First version 3.0.01 released on 2016.08.02.

    Order Real3d Scanner V3 Pro User License

    Please first download the Free Version of Real3d Scanner V3, install it (read the terms and conditions), open it, go to Help menu and open the Register Product... dialog. Then generate the key on the computer for which the license is required, after that attach the key with your email and send to us to get the PRO license.

    How to generate hardware key of your PC:

    Please go to Real3d Scanner V3 -> Menu -> Help -> Register Product...-> Check the second option -> Fill the form and Save the file -> send that saved file to us via email (mentioned in Register Product... dialog). If you click "Send by email" then please first attach the saved *.dat file with your email before pressing the send button.

    Important: For your convenience, the license file that will be sent to you, will allow you to use the same license in more than one Windows (Multiple Windows on One PC). It will be valid even if you reinstall the Windows.

    Online Payment using MyCommerce (Credit Card, Fax - Credit Card, PayPal)

    You can pay through PayPal or MyCommerce -- that can guarantee security and allow you to select the most comfortable way of payment.

    Product Price Each Order from MyCommerce
    Real3d Scanner V3 US$149 US$99 PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

    We accept all major forms of payment, including PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, debit cards, check, and more. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

    Pro version features:
  • You can export the scanned data to the disk.
  • You can export the scanned data to Real3d Renderer for post-processing.
  • You can get free software updates.
  • You can get E-Mail technical support.