FL-Essentials (FLE v1.3.x):
FL-Essentials (FLE) is a FLTK based software system which provides extreme easiness in building (responsive) GUI applications. It consists of C++ class library and gives thread-safe image processing support for OpenCV. It also provides OpenGL based 3D classes to create computer graphics applications with fully featured GUI. more...

Version System Size Release Date Total Downloads       New Features & Changes
1.3.6 All 8.07 MB 2018.05.17
  • Available on Github
  • 1.2.0 Windows 19.1 MB 2014.04.08
  • Major improvements and some additions
  • 1.1.0 Windows 20.1 MB 2014.01.01
  • Real-time image and camera handlings

  • System Requirements:

  • FLTK > v1.3.x
  • OpenCV > v2.x.x
  • Platform Independant