Use any paid app in iOS 7 without paying anything (free of charge) and without Jailbreak


Good news for iOS (iPhone 3, 4, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad) users, now you can use paid apps in your device without paying anything (free of charge).


1. Just download and install the Windows software from the following link:

Beta version 2014 Beta can be downloaded from here: 

Website link:


2. Connect your iPhone to the computer, and follow the instruction of the following figure.

Install paid Apps in iPhone and iPad

Install paid Apps in iPhone and iPad

 The software is available only in Chinese right now, but according to its website, English version is coming soon.





Paid Apps Start Crashing (Solved):

After installing apps from kuaiyong software, press the top right corner settings button (you can see one screw driver and ranch icon),

a dialogue will appear,

then just press the button from the appeared dialogue.

It will register your iPhone/iPad for all the paid apps.
after that whenever your apps start crashing again, just do this step and register your phone.

Crashing happen whenever you open the App Store for updating of Free Apps.

Some apps start crashing but some don’t, this is because whenever apps try to connect to Apple Store, it detects your ID, If ID doesn’t match, it start crashing. Some apps updatings are so frequent but some lazy apps doesn’t provide updates so quick, so lazy apps don’t crash.


What I do is, whenever I connect my iPhone to PC (once in a day) for recharge, I simply Press Settings button and register my iPhone again without no reason, so all apps work fine all the day.


Tutorial Video (Fix Crashed App):

Click Me……How To Fix Crashed App And Apple ID Error By KuaiYong!


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