Finally, a Stable Version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been Released on 2013-08-08

Finally, a new and stable version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been released with lots of improvements in 3D scanning modules and robust phase unwrapping algorithms.

Please go to Menu->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to a new version. or download from here:

New features and changes in v1.8.0:
Added a powerful phase unwrapping algorithm which solves discontinuities problem during 3D scanning.
Added a powerful refine smooth algorithm for pointclouds and meshes.
A lots of improvements in the scanning module. Switching of fringe patterns is now merged into the Live camera module.
Major fixes in the Live camera module, thread, recording, etc.
Improved all phase-unwrapping algorithms, made them robust and efficient for noisy and complicated surfaces.
Fixed a bug that occurred when a user tried to import a corrupted image.
Fixed capturing colors during 360 degree scanning.
Added various filters into the Colorize module.
Improved virtual 3D scanner by adding various phase-unwrapping algorithms which corrects discontinuities.
Now any theme can be selected as a default startup theme.

New tutorial video of version 1.8.0



Real-time Structured Light 3D Scanning in 3DRACS v1.8.0

Real-time Structured Light 3D Scanning in 3DRACS v1.8.0

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