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Finally, a Stable Version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been Released on 2013-08-08

Finally, a new and stable version of 3DRACS, 1.8.0, has been released with lots of improvements in 3D scanning modules and robust phase unwrapping algorithms. Please go to Menu->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to a new version. or download from here: New features and changes in v1.8.0: Added a powerful phase unwrapping algorithm which …

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Now 3D Objects can be embedded in a PDF, created by 3DRACS v1.6.0 and U3D file format

Now there is possibility of creating a (interactive 3D PDF ready) U3D output using 3DRACS v1.6.0, where users can rotate, pan, and zoom the object in a created 3D PDF. A sample of Acrobat Reader displaying a 3D PDF with an embedded U3D model. Download and test a 3D PDF from here:

A new video of 3DRACS v1.6.0 is released (360 Scanning with Auto-registration)

This video presents a tutorial of 360 scanning with auto-registration using 3DRACS v1.6.0. An object is scanned, aligned, and displayed in colors from various angles. The system is not calibrated for this test, therefore, results may not be accurate. Watch and enjoy this new video tutorial. Wait for the new version which is going to …

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A new tutorial video of 3DRACS v1.5.0 is released on 2013-02-23

This video presents the use of several features of 3DRACS v1.5.0. It shows How to apply UV texture on an object ? How to change background ? How to use OGL shaders ? How to mirror an object ? How to animate the scene ? How to apply random materials ? How to colorize an …

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013. Wish you all a prosper and joyful year.

Greetings of the Season

Greetings of the season with very best wishes from a 3D Snow Man.

New version 1.3.0 of 3DRACS has been released on 2012-11-20

I am pleased to announce that a new version 1.3.0 of 3DRACS is just released with some new features, major improvements, and a few GUI changes. Please go to menu of 3DRACS->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to new version. Enjoy and have fun  New features and changes in v1.3.0: Added camera calibration Added system properties …

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Realtime 3D reconstruction in action (video)

This video shows that how we can perform real-time 3D surface scanning in 3DRACS v1.2.2. It also presents the way of making the same centers of projector and camera lenses which is important for accurate 3D measurements. Reconstructed shape can be further analyze by observing graphs of different cross-sections.

A New Video is Released of 3DRACS v1.2.3

Feel the Scanning and Rendering Power of 3DRACS:Visit the home page of 3DRACS. Enjoy and thanks for watching in advance 

A New Video is Released “Real-time 3D Surface Scanning with Post-Processing”

Real-time 3D Surface Scanning with Post-Processing: This video presents a full process of real-time 3D surface (triangular mesh) scanning using Virtual 3D Scanner and 3D Scanning Module in 3DRACS v1.2.2. It also demonstrates “Pick & Delete” feature, which can be used for mesh cleaning, and 3D-Studio (*.3ds) file format support. It also shows How to …

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Upgraded version of 3DRACS is released now.

3DRACS is upgraded to v1.2.2.1 on 2012-11-04. Please go to Menu->About->Check for Updates and upgrade to new version. New Features & Changes: Added System Properties feature. User can set the default parameters, for example: size of Normals, Axis, Points/Dots, Grids, and Speed of animation, etc. Fixed a bug when the user does not turn off …

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New version 1.2.1 of 3DRACS has released.

A new version 1.2.1 was released on 2012.09.30. New features and changes: Added Real-time Virtual 3D Scanner Added color gradients Major performance improvements Improved structured light 3D scanning Enhanced smoothing/fairing algorithms Enhanced real-time 3D rendering Fixed many bugs Download Link:  

New version 1.2.2 of 3DRACS has been released and available on the download page.

I am glad to announce that I have just released a new version of 3DRACS v1.2.2 that comes with many new useful and interesting features, a lot of improvements and a few GUI changes. In this release realtime surface scanning can be performed without any bug or issue and much faster than before. Just watch …

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