Success Story:

Your aims and dreams mark your destiny. So, when your destiny has been marked, do your best to reach your goals. I am Furqan Ullah, Ph.D. graduate from Myongji University, South Korea. As my Ph.D., I received my MS degree from the same university in the spring of 2009. Currently, I am Postdoctoral Employee at University of California, Berkeley in department of electrical engineering and computer sciences. My arrival to UC, Berkeley is indeed a reward for me. I am grateful to my PhD advisor and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan that letting me to make my own way and giving me the command to write my own story. If I look back into the past, right from where my educational journey set on; while I was in preschool, I always got 1st position, even secured 1st position in both college academic sessions. Also, on the basis of many achievements in my under-graduation, the faculty dean and advisors selected me for the award of “Student of the Year 2005” which was awarded by the Vice-Chancellor. As the calendar changed, I took a start with my Ph.D. studies in the spring of 2010. I come up with a lot more research fields and found myself striving my way through new challenges. I had my aims and dreams since the very start to do something fascinating. To quench the thirst to make my dream come true, I let myself to work for it endlessly. So, I happen to fulfill my dream through a lot of struggles, hard works, and facing tuff situations from which I found no way out. My core expertise is in the field of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, 3D Reconstruction, 3D Shape Measurement Systems, 2D to 3D Conversion, Structured Light Technology, Real-time 3D (Rendering, Visualization, and Applications), Computational Geometry, Geometric Modeling and Processing, Physics Based Modeling, Virtual Reality, Haptic Rendering, Medical Image Processing and Rendering, Musculoskeletal Modeling, Software Development. Since I started to wrestle with 3D computer vision, computer graphics and 3D scanning, my work has become more complex and thrilling. I worked countlessly, spent hours and hours with no idea of day and night, poring over tangled algorithms for achieving new ways to facilitate my research interest fields. My work has opened new paths and given new dimensions in these fields. I have been working over many research projects since the year 2007 till now. It has enabled me to develop my own softwares, as they have given new paths in various technologies. I am proudly mentioning my hard work in the shape of these softwares which are designed, programmed, and maintained only by myself, not a single co-developer was involved.

1. REAL3D SCANNER (an extensible mesh and points processing system with a real-time SL 3D scanner) - world's 1st low cost 3D scanner
2. Real-Time Virtual 3D Scanner (a perfect simulator to analyze and perform structured-light 3D scanning) - world's 1st virtual 3D scanner
3. 3D Intraoral Scanning System (optical 3D scanner for dentistry, 3D reconstruction of human jaws)
4. Volume VaS (visualization/rendering of medical images, 3D reconstruction, processing, and analyzing)
5. Musculoskeletal Modeling & Motion Capture Viewer (amc and bvh file formats)
6. Virtual Dental Treatment Simulator (simulator to perform dental treatment operations using haptics)
7. CNC Simulator (highly similar to the real-world wood cutting machining center)
8. FL-Essentials (consists of C++ class library and gives parallel processing support in image processing)
9. Animated RGB Plot (It’s a portable tool that can be used for plotting the RGB columns of any image)
10. System Information Retriever (a handy tool to quickly view system information on any computer)

The present status of my softwares could be seen on my personal website ( I combined up some of my developed applications into one and introduced a completely new version of REAL3D SCANNER, which is being used worldwide by thousands of researchers, engineers, and professionals. This software could be used to fulfill the modern needs of the engineering world. My research work has also enabled me to bring up my work in the form of research papers. I felt a kind of more lucky in 2012, where I saw glory in my path, embraced success, and got the fruit of my long lengthy works. I have published a list of journals and conference papers, six (6) among them have been selected for the best paper awards. I received my 1st Best Paper Award on “Development of Real-Time 3D Intraoral Scanner based on Fringe- projection Technique” in Feb. 2012 at the Korean Society of CAD/CAM Engineers (KSCCE) conference. Days walked slowly and reached the month of May, where I received my 2nd Best Paper Award on “Analysis and Performance comparison of 3D Measurement System based on Fringe Projection Profilometry” at the International Conference on Information Sciences and Applications (ICISA). Around 30 countries from all around the world participated in ICISA. I couldn’t have been much happier and soon in August, I was awarded the Best Paper Award on “Development of Rafter Processing Machine and Simulation Verification” at the Korean Society of CAD/CAM Engineers Conference (KSCCE). My eyes were gleaming with happiness when I was presented with Bronze Paper Award in December on “A Novel 3D Intraoral Scanner for Dentistry” at the IEEE Seoul Section Student Paper Contest 2012. I reached to my 5th award which was the Best Paper Award on “Digital Fringe Projection Based real-Time 3D Shape Measurement System” at the KSCCE. But my journey did not end here, it moved on and reached February of the year 2013, I received my 6th Bronze Paper Award on “A Novel CNC Machine for Processing Curved Rafters” at the IEEE Seoul Section Student Paper Contest 2013. My work was being admired by world’s engineers and my paper “Development of a Real-time 3D Intraoral Scanner based on Fringe-Projection Technique” was selected for the Best Journal Paper of the Year 2012 by the Transactions of the Society of CAD/CAM Engineers, and I was awarded with a prize of 300,000 Korean Won. As I reached to the end of my PhD, I was awarded with 500,000 Korean Won prize for the “Best Thesis Award” by Myongji University. I have been part of many National and International Conferences, and given presentations which have been admired and praised by the world’s engineers and scientists. The life could never have been this way if I was a quitter. Sometimes dreams and aims are not easy to come true, so keep up your struggles to make them real. My success could be seen from this ending line “I enjoy who I am, and who I will be with high standards of my expertise, I am determined to serve the world”.

My Resume:

A more recent and complete version of my resume can be downloaded from here (last updated: 2015-10-19): furqanresume.pdf